Allergy testing at Care Cure

An allergy or intolerance is an acute sensitivity to an otherwise harmless substance, which the immune system confuses with a dangerous infection thereby releasing a surge of histamine, which causes allergic symptoms.

Therapists at Care Cure conduct an extensive allergy test which checks your intolerance/sensitivity of up to 100 food items, food additives, colourings, and preservatives. This test also checks for allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and animal hair.

This test is conducted by obtaining a strand of your hair, which is sent for analysis in Care Cure’s labs. When the results are back, Care Cure will call to make an appointment for a thorough consultation with its food allergy expert.

At this consultation you will be given your individual colour coded test results, which will highlight allergies ranging from moderate to medium to extreme. The allergy expert will also give you dietary advice and a full list of alternative food substitutes, such as spelt products for wheat sufferers.

In addition to this Care Cure will provide you with a follow up service for any further questions you may have. The test costs €58 and can be followed up by treatment if required.

Care Cure Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has clinics in Galway city, Loughrea, and Tuam. Call the information line on 086 2159282 to book an appointment. Care Cure specialises in acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, moxibustion, reflexology, ear candling, herbal medicine, and allergy testing.



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