Spots are the bane of many people’s lives. They appear when we least want or expect them, affecting our confidence and mood.

There are many different reasons why we get spots. Triggers may include an unbalanced diet, hormonal cycle, oily skin, shaving, seasonal change or stress. According to experts, the development of the imperfection depends on the amount of bacteria present on our skin. So the more bacteria that exists on the skin the easier it is for spots to develop.

Subconscious contamination occurs when we touch our skin or spot without even realising it. Apparently we subconciously touch our faces more than 65 times a day. When this happens we transfer bacteria from our hands to our already weakened skin. (And our hands can hold a lot of bacteria - if you have just driven you may have some of the 700 bacteria per cm squared that is on your steering wheel or the 215 bacteria p/cm sq on your computer keyboard or the 3,895 p/cm sq bacteria that is on your desk or worse still the 25,000 bacteria that are lurking on your mobile phone. ). The bacteria then multiply and prevent the spot from disappearing. The spot gets worse, lasts longer and heals badly.

Vichy’s new Normaderm Hyaluspot (€10 ) is described as a powerful weapon against spots. It claims to stop a spot developing within two hours and clear it without a trace in 48 hours.

The product contains hyaluronic acid to create a plaster-like effect on the skin which isolates the imperfection, reduces bacteria contamination and stops the spot developing. It also has anti inflammatory properties and encourages the skin’s own natural healing processes.

The fresh non-drying gel is completely invisible and the soothing and cooling applicator provides targeted treatment, pain relief and reduces inflammation.

* Normaderm Hyaluspot (€10 ) is available from pharmacies.


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