Public lecture on the Connaught Rangers

In India in 1920, the Connaught Rangers mutinied in sympathy with their fellow countrymen back home, who were fighting in the War of Independence.

This famous incident will form part of a major lecture on the famous west of Ireland regiment from the Renmore History Society on Thursday March 7 at 8pm in the USAC lecture hall in Renmore Barracks

The talk will be given by Dr Paddy O’Leary, a former director of the Tiglin National Adventure Centre. His curiosity about indigenous peoples encountered on various expeditions led him to take a degree in anthropology at NUI Maynooth. On trips to the Indian Himalayas he realised that Irish public servants in the service of the British Raj had influenced that area to a quite remarkable degree, and he researched the intricacies of that influence for the PhD thesis on which his book, Servants Of The Empire, is based.

In this talk Dr O’Leary offers a personal perspective on the mutiny, drawing on his own research, his firsthand knowledge of India, and the key areas associated with the mutiny.

Admission is €5. Places are limited and must be booked in advance before midnight on Tuesday March 5 through or by sending your name, and the name of any guests, to [email protected]


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