Cameron says he ‘will not be mayor of convenience for FF’ as pact wobbles

Labour’s Billy Cameron has ruled out any idea of accepting the mayoralty when the position becomes available in the summer, arguing that it should go to Fine Gael’s Frank Fahy instead.

The Galway City Central councillor said he will “not be a mayor of convenience for Fianna Fail or other disgruntled members of the present pact” between Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, and the Independent former PDs.

According to Cllr Cameron there is disagreement and discontent among the members of the pact with certain members accusing Finer Gael’s Cllr Pádraig Conneely of disrupting meetings, causing them to be abandoned.

Cllr Cameron then went on to allege that advances were made to him by Fianna Fáil councillors and others. However he refused these offers of a mayoralty saying an “internal solution should be sought”.

Cllr Cameron also sought to dispel any idea that he was “aggrieved at not being honoured with the mayoral position”.

“It is not what I entered politics for,” he said. “I am quite happy delivering infrastructural projects for the community I represent and working at my representational work. I entered politics to do something rather than be someone. I will not lose a moment’s sleep if I never become mayor.”

He also said the negotiators of the present pact “should be principled enough to honour the deal” they signed in 2009.

The mayor for the 2013/14 term of the Galway City Council is for Fine Gael to nominate.

“Cllr Frank Fahy is next in line,” he said. “Is there something written in stone saying a co-optee to the council cannot become mayor of the city?”



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