West Coast Insulation – your insulation questions answered

Many people have questions on how insulation works, what grants are available, and how much the work normally costs. John Folan from West Coast Insulation answers some of these questions. West Coast Insulation is a family run business specialising in cavity wall and attic insulation since 2009.

How does insulation really work?

Insulation is installed in houses in both the cavity walls and the attics. The cavity wall insulation stops heats from passing into the cavity, allowing the inner walls to heat up. The walls will then hold the heat and keep it in the house. Attic insulation works on a similar principle. If there is little or no insulation in the attic, heat will rise through the old insulation and escape into the attic, where it is lost. West Coast Insulation installs over 330mm, or 13 inches, of insulation which stops nearly all heat from escaping. With both walls and attics well insulated, the house should be noticeable warmer.

How do I know the insulation will be effective?

West Coast Insulation will first inspect the house to see how much insulation is there already. Many houses have some insulation in the walls and attic, but they are not normally well insulated. The company can improve the insulation by installing EcoBead Platinum in the cavity walls; this is the highest quality bead available. The installers drill the holes closer together and use large compressors to ensure the walls are packed as tightly as possible. They install Rockwool attic insulation to 330mm/13 inches which gives the attic an A rating. One of the biggest benefits of using EcoBead and Rockwool is that, unlike many other insulations, these are lifetime products and will not shrink over time. Homeowners should notice the difference immediately.

Why do homeowners need insulation?

Up until very recently, little emphasis was put on home insulation. Houses were built with poor insulation and they can often be cold, draughty, and difficult to heat. A home with a good standard of insulation will retain the heat rather than allowing it to escape through walls and the attic.

Draughts can also be a real drain on heat and West Coast Insulation can usually solve this problem as well. Homeowners will then be more comfortable in their home and will also reduce their heating bills.

Are there Government grants still available?

Yes, there are grants still available for cavity wall and attic insulation. West Coast Insulation assists homeowners in applying for the grant and makes the process very simple. The grants however will be ending in 2013 so now is the time to get insulation work done. There is total grant of €500 available for cavity wall insulation, attic insulation, and a Building Energy Rating (BER ). West Coast Insulation is currently offering BERs at no cost to the homeowner, which will keep the costs down.

How much will the work cost?

This will vary depending on the size of the house. However, an average semidetached house will cost in the region of €1,300 for cavity wall and attic insulation with €500 of this refundable with the grant.

Why should homeowners use West Coast Insulation?

West Coast Insulation is a family run business working in Galway for several years. It always ensures the walls are 100 per cent insulated by keeping the drill holes closer together and using a large compressor. The company also installs attic insulation to above recommended levels to give homeowners the best possible insulation. All products and work are fully guaranteed.

For information or a free quotation contact West Coast Insulation on 087 142 14 14 or 095 41500. Alternatively you can visit www.myinsulation.ie



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