The advantages of arnica

Do you suffer from muscular aches, pain, stiffness, sprains, or bruises? Vogel Atrogel arnica gel could be the answer, especially for those who prefer a natural, organic product. Arnica has been used for many years to ease the symptoms of muscular aches, pains and stiffness, sprains, bruises, and swelling after injury.

Arnica is known for its homoeopathic use for bumps and bruises, but its herbal use as an anti-inflammatory was not widely known until recently. New research is proving that arnica is a very effective anti-inflammatory when applied topically. It helps with painful inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, stiff or sore joints, fibromyalgia, and RSI.

Research recently published in Rheumatology International demonstrates that arnica gel is as effective as ibuprofen for topical treatment of osteoarthritis of the hand. Overall, 64 per cent of patients in the arnica gel group said that efficacy was good or very good, against 58 per cent in the ibuprofen group. The investigators also evaluated the efficacy of arnica gel as better than that of ibuprofen gel.

Atrogel arnica gel is made from freshly harvested, organically cultivated, arnica flower tincture. Wild Arnica montana, with its beautiful yellow flowers, is protected in many parts of Europe. Bioforce arnica gel does not threaten arnica’s natural habitat, a crucial consideration as one gram of gel contains 500mg of extract, which is equivalent to 160mg of fresh arnica flowers.

Atrogel was the first herbal product in the UK to receive a licence under the Traditional Herbal Medicines Directive. It is convenient and easy to use, just a little gel should be applied to the affected area two to four times daily. A Vogel Atrogel arnica gel is just €14.95 for 100ml from Evergreen Healthfoods or browse


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