Zechs Marquise to bring on da funk

IF SLY Stone and Isaac Hayes had ever teamed up with Yes and King Crimson, the end result might have been something along the lines of Zechs Marquise.

Zechs Marquise - featuring two brothers of Omar Rodriguez Lopez (Mars Volta, At The Drive In ) - play the Róisín Dubh this Saturday at 9pm.

The Texan quartet’s new album Getting Paid is a thrilling, swaggering, collection of funk and soul driven rhythms, with the kind of knotty guitar riffs and tricky changes beloved of prog, making for a fascinating hybrid of styles.

The band - Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez (drums ), Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez (bass ), Matthew Wilkson (guitar ), and Marcos Smith (guitar ) - were influenced by a number of different styles of black music on this album.

“We started off recording percussion to sequencers and loops," Marcel says. “I chopped those sounds up and arranged them. From there, we wrote the album with each of us coming in and playing on top of it. Kind of like a hip-hop song.”

“The album cover is a play on Blacksploitation soundtrack art and stuff like Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew,” says Marfred. “We wanted our own weird take on it.”

Support is from Nanu Nanu. Admission is free. See http://zechsmarquise.bandcamp.com/


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