An intimate view of the everyday

THE AWARD winning photographer and artist Patrick Hogan will be exhibiting as part of this year’s TULCA Festival of Visual Art, which opens tomorrow.

Hogan is the winner of the Gallery of Photography Artist Award 2012, and was nominated for this year’s Prix Pictet Photography Prize. He will exhibit with 15 other artists in the TULCA Festival Gallery on the Fairgreen Road.

Hogan’s photographs present an intimate view of his everyday encounters and surroundings in the remote area of County Tipperary where he has lived for the past two years. His portraits, still lives, brooding interiors, and pensive landscapes convey a sense of uncertain anticipation and quiet foreboding.

His images explore themes of love, fragility, decay and loss. He uses the camera as a tool to explore the uncertainties and ambivalence of photographic representation. At the heart of the work is a questioning of whether it is possible to develop a meaningful visual understanding of his intimate and immediate world.



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