Google new releases to finally offer proper competition to Apple?

Hurricane Sandy hurricane did not stop the Mountain View company, which has officially shown the world its new tablets and smartphone.

Nexus 4 smartphone

Google, in collaboration with LG, has created the Nexus 4 smartphone with 4.7-inch screen. Its pixel density of 320 ppi is ideal for viewing photos, which will benefit from panoramic views thanks to Photo Sphere. In contrast to the usual panorama, it can also take pictures of the top and bottom, creating a photo-sphere 360 degrees. Photo Sphere introduces Android 4.2, such as Gesture Typing, writing or by gestures on the keyboard (similar to the solution already used by Samsung ).

Google also announced Google Now improved, the ‘assistant’ which scours e-mails in search of a message from a restaurant or airlines and transforms them into easy-to-view events.

Nexus 7 mini tablet

The all-new Nexus 7 now offers 32GB of flash memory, but that is a lighter, thinner, and more mobile, if you buy a subscription to the relevant mobile internet, the consumer will get a 32GB Nexus 7 HSPA + connectivity. In addition, the specification remains unchanged, and so can be found with the 7-inch HD screen, quad-core Tegra 3, NFC, GPS, 1.2 MP front camera and battery with nine hours’ HD video playback.

Nexus 10 tablet

Created in partnership with Samsung, Nexus 10 is primarily distinguished by its screen resolution of 2,560 by 1,600 pixels (about 300 ppi density ) and it is the largest of the tablets available on the market. Four million pixels can be an incredible asset when watching movies. The robust battery has nine hours’ video stand. Another advantage of the tablet will be Android 4.2 which implements an easy switch between users on a single device.

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