Referendum Q&A coffee morning

Galwegians with questions, inquiries, concerns, or points of view on the upcoming Children’s Right Referendum are invited to a Q&A coffee morning this weekend.

Labour TD Derek Nolan and city councillor Niall McNelis will hold the public Q&A in Capones, Knocknacarra, this Saturday at 10.30am.

Cllr McNelis is encouraging people to go to the event. He is also urging the public to “read up on the wording of the referendum in advance of polling day on November 10”.

“It is really important people engage with the text of this referendum and appreciate the lifeline they can throw to vulnerable children by voting Yes,” he said. “This referendum is about the right of children to have their best interests at the centre of major decisions about their safety and welfare, and to have their views listened to.”


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