One man show on Karl Marx at Town Hall

KARL MARX, author of Das Kapital, co-author of The Communist Manifesto, and the revolutionary thinker, whose ideas on class, economics, and capitalism, remain challenging to this day, will be the subject of a play at the Town Hall Theatre studio.

Marx In Soho, written by historian and political scientist Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of America, will be staged on Thursday August 23. The show will be performed by Jerry Levy.

Marx In Soho opens with the German philosopher being given an hour and a half to return to earth. We witness his reflections on what he has seen unfolding over the century and more since his death and on how his ideas have been used and abused in the meantime.

This portrayal of Marx (who famously declared that he was “not a Marxist” ) shrugs off the ideological rigidities so often associated with his name and gives us instead a very human glimpse of the man, with stories of the personal woven through the political narrative.

“I see the show as being for those who know nothing about Marx or who have been misled by society about his ideas,” says Jerry Levy. “The script is very compelling and engaging. Not only do you see the relevance of his ideas, but you learn what kind of man he was…It is a humanisation of Marx. He loves classical music and Shakespeare and believed in democracy. So it is more than just a blistering critique of capitalism.

“I also see it as a kind of support for people who disagree with the direction that society is going in. It will make people feel better and maybe help them to be willing to struggle on for what they believe in, whether they’re socialists or not.”

This production will be followed by The Fever, written by Wallace Shawn on Friday August 24, and also starring Levy.

The Fever examines the contradictions between one man’s values and his lifestyle as he attempt to face the question, ‘Can I make a difference?’ without resorting to platitudes or easy answers. Writing about the play Harry Giles of Edinburgh Festivals said: “The Fever asks a lot of its audience, and could be difficult to watch...The Fever is a play to think about, and one which talks about some of the most important things a play can.”

For more information about the shows, contact Galway One World Centre on 091 - 530590. Both shows start at 8.30pm sharp. Tickets are available from the Town Hall on 091 - 569777 and


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