Clean up after your dogs demands McNelis

Dogs do not clean up after themselves so it is up to their owners to clean up after their pets, according to Labour city councillor Niall McNelis.

Cllr McNelis is calling on the Galway City Council to put extra resources towards tackling “the mess that is caused by dog fouling in the city, especially in public areas such as parks, children’s playgrounds, and along Salthill prom”.

Under the litter pollution act of 1997 on the spot fines of €150 can be issued to the owners if they are caught walking away from a mess created by their pet. Cllr McNelis is urging dog owners to clean up after their pets at all times.

“Dog owners who walk their pets in any place should always have a bag or pooper scooper with them,” he says. “Pooper scoopers are available free of charge from City Hall. The mess caused by dog fouling is dirty, smelly, and unpleasant and creates a health hazard especially to children.”

Cllr McNelis points out that dog faeces contain campylobacter, salmonella, and other pathogenic organisms which can, if it comes into contact with humans, cause toxocarisis and hydatid.

“Toxocariasis is a disease caused by the eggs of roundworm toxocara,” he says. “Toxocariasis has been linked to blindness, epilepsy, and asthma. Dog faeces can be picked up on shoes, children’s hands, and wheels of pushchairs, bikes, and wheelchairs. It is not that hard to clean up after your pet. I think everyone has a role to play.”


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