How to shine at the races

Dress available at Sugar Pink boutique.

Dress available at Sugar Pink boutique.

With the Galway Races taking place next week here are my last minute top tips to help you stand out and look ultra stylish at the racecourse.

Comfort: The key to style is to ensure that the cut and colour of your outfit works for you. There is no point in picking up a fabulous dress if you are not comfortable in it. Comfortable reads confidence, reads stylish.

Originality: Do not follow trends religiously; choose only what suits your style. The outfit should also be appropriate to the event. You do not want to turn up to the races in cocktail wear or look like you are heading out to a club. It is all about reading the mood of the event and dressing accordingly.

Colour: Do not go for the same colour from head to toe. Try to match different colours together, whether they are complementary, such as two shades of blue or contrasting, such as cream and red. If you like neutrals try navy and nude, very complementary to most skin tones. Pale complexions suit richer, neutral, tones in cream and blush, while darker skins can carry off very pale pinks and stark nudes. You can also add a touch of colour through accessories.

Accessories: These can make or break an outfit. Less is definitely more. Choose something that will match the outfit. A hat or headpiece is a must on Ladies’ Day — it adds a bit of drama and balance the overall look. If wearing a hat, make sure it stays in place. For a touch of elegance, skip the oversize bag and opt for a clutch.

Grooming: All the obvious applies here such as well-groomed hair, and beautifully polished nails. Don’t overdo the make-up; remember, this is a day event. And rule number one should most certainly be to take it easy on the fake tan.

Footwear: There is nothing worse than seeing a woman struggling to walk in her heels. Wedge heels are comfortable, stylish, and add height; the ideal choice for a day at the races. Keep a pair of flats in your handbag for the long trek back to your car or the bus.

Weather: Do not forget a chic cover up. The sun may be splitting the rocks, but give it a few hours and you will be shivering in your heels. There are so many stylish coats or jackets around at the moment to choose from.

Cost: Looking great does not mean you have to splash out. Lots of winners of the Best Dressed Lady competition in recent times have mixed designer with high street, or have simply kept it all high street. It is all about how you put an outfit together and carry it off.

Delilah, fashion stylist and personal shopper,


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