Edinburgh comedy preview @ Róisín Dubh

IRISH COMEDIANS Barry Mack and Kieran Lawless will perform previews of their upcoming Edinburgh festival shows in the Róisín Dubh.

Barry Mack’s Take My Knife, Please! is a series of surreal, autobiographical, tales of being paid to leave the Irish stock exchange; being held up at gun point by the IRA; his love for white chocolate; and an exploding Volkswagen Beetle.

Kieran Lawless’s How to Boast by the World’s Best-looking Funniest Comedian, looks at all things boastful and how to fool people into thinking you have money, women, intelligence, happiness, and success.

The show takes place in the Róisín’s upstairs bar this Tuesday at 8.30pm. Admission is €5 on the door or free if you book online.


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