Watch the Euro 2012 final with Après Match - loive

GALWAY WILL be able to watch the final of what has been a terrific - from a soccer, if not from a strictly Irish, point of view - Euro 2012, in the company of none other than Après Match.

Après Match will see Barry Murphy, Risteárd Cooper and Gary Cooke in the guise of Billo, Eamo, Gilsey, and Liam Brady ( as well as Ronnie, Frank, Didi, and Kenny ) provide full match analysis in the lead up to, during the half-time of, and post the Euro 2012 final.

The event takes place this Sunday in The Global Village Arena in South Park and is a must for both soccer and comedy fans.

Listen to Bill say “Okey doke; watch Eamo struggle with the precise meaning of “a great player”; and witness Giles’ frustration with almost everything.

There will be massive high definition screens, surround sound, and a full bar. The final will be accompanied by RTÉ’s actual commentary.

Doors open at 6.15pm. Tickets are €25


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