The future is growing

The future is growing, whether it be your own little herb garden in the kitchen or back garden shed, or a full grown vegetable plot in the local allotment or again in the back yard, the Grow Shop is here to help.

The Grow Shop can help those who have limited outdoor space to set up their small garden. The company specialises in indoor gardening, using the latest techniques such as hydroponics, the art of growing using no soil.

The full range of growing equipment is available at the shop in Galway, located on Doughiska Road just behind Briarhill Shopping Centre, near the NCT testing centre. The shop stocks growing tents with lights available, along with good ventilation systems, including fans and carbon filters. Drop in to see everything that is on offer, and talk to experienced and helpful staff members who can help you get the most for your money when setting up your indoor garden.

The Grow Shop also stocks organic nutrients, along with mineral-based nutrients from companies such as Plagron, GHE, Advanced Nutrients, and Canna. It has all your grow needs under one roof, with working systems on display so you can see what hydroponics is all about.

If you are in the market for growing, large or small, go to the Grow Shop for all your growing needs.

For more information visit www.grow



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