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Posietint from Benefit.

Posietint from Benefit.

Getting cheeky

For me, applying blush is the hardest make-up technique to get right. Getting the right colour, placing it in the right area, and using the right amount of pigment all seem to create the perfect storm for human error, so I am always asking the girls in the Brown Thomas make-up hall for techniques.

The most useful for me (I need very specific, literal, directions at times ) was that I should use the two finger method, and that is apply the blush two finger width away from my nose, and at least know I am starting in the exact right place for my face shape. Work it on in light circular motions up towards the hairline, continually buffing for a natural finish. If you like you can add a contour underneath the cheekbone, and I like using my beloved Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel under my foundation for this purpose (and yes, this product is everything I dreamed it would be ). I get a more natural effect this way. Below, the best blushes doing the rounds at the minute.

Bare Minerals Ready Blush is its first in solid form, and it comes in a super handy little compact with mirror and tiny brush. It is the only blush that is 100 per cent natural and it comes in 10 shades. The bronzers are an Irish woman’s dream, very light and biscuity, if that’s a word.

Bobbi Brown's pot rouge: Warren on Bobbi Brown and I were chatting on counter the other day and looking at a new product, and I was excited to see a good multi-tasking blush or ‘pot rouge’. It can be used as a blush or a lipstick, and you can achieve a very polished easy summer look if you use it as both at the same time.

YSL Blush Radiant: With jewel tones comparable to none, YSL has not disappointed with its blush. Heavily pigmented, the colour you see in the compact is the exact same colour you get on your face. The coral comes with a lighter and darker shade and is very on trend for summer.

Clinique’s Cream Stick in rosy blush is a gorgeous cream blush in a stick form that has a powdery finish. It has good staying power and if you are a girl on the go who does not always travel with brushes, this is the answer for you. The texture is perfection on the skin.

And finally, another good one to have on hand comes from Benefit: the original Benetint is made from rose petals (how could anyone resist that? ) and has the best staying power possible. It goes on sheer and looks absolutely gorgeous on the skin. I use Benetint's sister, Posietint, because I have never seen this colour in any product before, it is like a soft pinky-coral, and I feel like it has an almost gel-like consistency, so I have more control when placing it.

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