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Running to a meeting in BT’s last week, I tried to dash past the lingerie department, but to quote the Clash, I had an “If I go with there be trouble? If I stay will it be double?” moment. I stayed. Ciara, lingerie fitter extraordinaire, was giving an impromptu lesson in lingerie session. Catching the tail end, I was intrigued to learn about the latest must-have secret weapon sweeping the fashion world - skinny britches. Who knew? A super lightweight version of spanks, they have amazing compression powers and because they are laser cut, you have no unsightly bulges ruining the line of your dress. Talk about revolutionary. Completely seamless, annoying twisting is a thing of the past. But the best part is they now come in a high waisted version.

Worth noting, I have apparently been walking around blind, due entirely to my devotion to D&G jeans, and never noticed the Michael Kors rockin’ skinny denims until they were in a workshop last week. I loved them! Next time you are in, try them. With gold stitching and in a good dark wash (always slimming and a little more formal than the lighter washes ) they are the ultimate in comfort because the fabric is so soft. They are also a very good price for such a dressy pair of denims.

Also, for JBrand diehards, check out the Ginger denims that have just arrived in dove grey and pink taupe. If you loved the Houlihans you will love these. Super soft, like the Houlihan version, you can dress them up with heels or dress them down with flats.

New additions to the shoe department include a sneak peek at what is coming for autumn/winter across the brands. Shoe people will not be disappointed. The neon Louboutins are spectacular and a real departure, Kim Kardashian was recently seen rocking a pair in yellow, but they will work on anyone with a bit of colour. And watch out for all the snakeskin and crocodile print coming through in other collections like Kurt Keiger and Nine West.

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