Get your team motivated to a new level at Delphi Mountain Resort

Delphi Mountain Resort prides itself on learning through experience offering amazing programmes from active conference events to world class team building.

Working with successful companies sports teams and special interest groups for the last 30 years, Delphi is continually proving that getting from A to B whether you walk climb, kayak, or zipline, it is easier if you work together

The 30-year journey has taught the crew that after team building, participants have a tendency to be more concerned with results, rather than individual recognition this makes an organisation more likely to experience an increase in sales, lower costs, lower turnover and less absenteeism. As well as increased productivity, competence and profit.

Delphi staff know that the achievement of a renewed team spirit will galvanize team members to fight obstacles and challenges as one unit, as well as developing an atmosphere of trust, confidence, energy, and creativity .

In the stunning natural surroundings of Delphi your team will undertake outdoor challenges, have fun and develop confidence in their individual roles as well as build a stronger team spirit. Whether they are climbing hills, crossing rivers or meeting at Delphi conference facilities, they willl be gaining crucial skills that cannot always be learned in the office.

To ensure the success of any visit, the experienced team will work with you to devise the most suitable itinerary for your group. They have three amazing programmes to choose from, depending on your motivation for your trip

Delphi team Adventure — a shared experience with adventure activities, more of a recreational focus.

Delphi Team challenges — focused on behavioral change, a series of precise activities/ challenges where tests communication skills/ leadership/ nurture team spirit. Learn to operate as a team.

Delphi motiv8 high performance teams — bespoke, high performance programme, starts with the end in mind,and provides a comprehensive diagnostic of the team. Expert facilitation.

The Delphi team take fun seriously and their approach and dedication behind the scenes has won them a legion of loyal team builders and exceptional testimonials as a result.

Where will your sense of adventure take you? More information [email protected] or call 095 42111


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