From redundancy to recruited at Celtrak

I went through a redundancy process in April 2010. The redundancy was completely unexpected and I was left pondering when/where I would be working next, how long could I afford to finance myself while job seeking, would I have to consider relocating, and did I have the right skills for the current market.

I had heard the job hunting process had changed too - that more and more jobs never made it to advertising because they were filled via word of mouth, so I knew networking was key in securing a local job.

Then, someone mentioned WIN to me. WIN is a networking group of unemployed people who meet biweekly in Mervue Industrial Estate from 10am to 1pm. The idea is that job leads can be attained through networking.

The session starts with participant standing up and giving a two minute summary of their skill set, their situation, and what they are looking for. Then, if anyone in the room has any potential leads/advice, they can pass it on. These pitches are a great way to gain confidence, as you are delivering your pitch to a room of strangers. This is great preparation for an interview.

After everyone has delivered their pitches, there is a tea break where people can mingle and pass on leads/advice or make introductions. While at one of these sessions, I met someone who put me in direct contact with the hiring manager at Celtrak, an Irish-owned, Galway-based company specialising in telematics and GPS vehicle monitoring solutions. This introduction led to an interview and I was subsequently hired.

Celtrak uses all the latest technologies to provide a suite of GPS solutions from smart phone apps to web-based applications, specifically designed to manage and monitor a mobile workforce. Our latest smart phone app, called safeworker, creates peace of mind for the lone/remote worker by alerting key contacts in the event of various emergencies. For more information on Celtrak’s products or a career at Celtrak, sew or call +353 91 765 312.



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