Notes for the season

Must haves for spring

As shocking as this is going to sound, I have found a replacement for my beloved Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. The girls on the counter are still reeling. And even more shocking, it was love at first sight.

Part of the new Bobbi Brown Glow from Within Brightening Nudes collection, the brightening finishing powder is suitable for the whole face, as opposed to just highlighting areas. The particles are spherical and not flat, creating a glow from within, versus the previous shimmer. I absolutely love this product. Where a love at first sight feeling is based on instinct, sometimes a girl has to be convinced, and this happened to me regarding the gel eyeliner pencil. Sitting in a strategy meeting with Bobbi Brown area manager Kerry Anne recently and going through the new product launches, I wondered out loud what girl in the world would replace the iconic and long lasting gel eyeliner pot with the new gel eyeliner pencil. “What about for in your make up bag, or when you’re travelling?” Kerry Anne asked. God, she is so right. No more travelling with the heavy little glass pot and angled brush —another fabulous addition to the Bobbi Brown family, this product launches in April. You will want one.

Yet again Mac has left us nothing short of spellbound with its latest launch. My absolute favourite this season so far is the collection by Chenman. A Chinese photographer born in Beijing, she has already shot a host of covers for high profile fashion magazines. Her style is distinguished by its fabulous colours and the silky complexions and exaggerated make up of her models. She is a regular contributor for Chinese Vogue, Elle, and Harpers Bazaar. For her Mac collaboration, she produced a sensual, courageous, and playful colour collection inspired by her fascination with love and water (represented by the colours pink and blue ) including three mineralised eyeshadows paying homage to a traditional Chinese yin-yang design, beauty powder, zoom fast black lash, nail lacquer, and lipsticks. And the packaging will break your heart.

Heading further north in the Brown Thomas cosmetics hall (when I die, and if I go to Heaven, I hope to find that it is actually one big Brown Thomas cosmetics hall and that the clouds are in fact just huge cotton balls ) to the Laura Mercier counter, where Laura Mercier is launching its new limited edition nail varnishes, with colours like Dreamsicle, a beautiful coral, and Sizzle, a hot orange, plus a collection of cushiony soft velvety gel lipsticks. Part of the Oh La La collection, these lipsticks and nail varnishes are a great way for the older woman (read over 40 ) to play with the vibrant colours of the season in a safe way.

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