Update for Budapest property owners next week

A seminar will be held in the g Hotel next week with the objective of assisting Irish people who have purchased property in Budapest. The seminar, organised by Budapest’s Tower Property Group, will cover areas such as property management, rentals, taxation, and sales, and will also give important updates on current market conditions.

Hungary has made the news recently in this part of the world due to its public disagreements with the IMF and EU over government policy. According to Christopher Follenus of Tower Property this has led to many calls to Tower’s Dublin branch office. “Property owners seem to have many questions about what’s happening in Hungary,” he said. “The seminar is designed to give people an overview of what’s happening and what it means for them, if anything.”

The Hungarian capital was a well known destination for Irish property buyers during the last decade.

The seminar will be held on February 1 in the g Hotel. The seminar will begin at 6pm and is repeated at 8pm.

For further details visit www.towerbudapest.com or phone Tower Properties at 01 234 2517.


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