Spend small on insulation, save big on heating costs with EcoSeal

“You put a hat on your head and keep your body heat in,” says Claire Nic Grianna from EcoSeal. “Thermal insulation in your roof will do the same for your house.”

If you do not have insulation in your roof, up to 30 per cent of heat could escape, costing you money. Insulating the 50sq m (540sq ft ) attic space of a typical house costs around €450 and could save approximately €225 a year (up to 20 per cent of your fuel bill ) so it would pay for itself in about two years.

“Up to half of the heat loss from a house occurs through the walls,” Ms Nic Grianna added. “This can be reduced by two-thirds by insulating the walls.”

Most houses built before about 1980 have no wall insulation. Many, though not all, houses built during the 1980s and onwards have some wall insulation. Since the work is done from the outside, it causes minimum disturbance inside. The drilled holes, which are about one inch in diameter and spaced a metre or so apart, are then filled to match the wall appearance as closely as possible. The job typically takes less than a day.

The cost of cavity wall insulation depends on a number of factors, including the width of the cavity, but is in the region of €650 for a typical semidetached house

With annual fuel savings of €200 to €280, the pay-back period will be in the region of three to four years, and that is without a grant. Grants are still available so do not delay. A grant of €200 is available for attic insulation and €250 for cavity wall insulation.

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