Say no to dieting with Therapie’s Sureslim

Did you know that dieting simply doesn’t work? When you start to restrict and lower the amount of calories you consume, your body enters starvation mode, and starts to store fat and consume less energy. Lowering your calories by 25 per cent severely impacts your metabolism. It also slows down the heart, lowers body temperature, lowers blood pressure and actually makes you feel more hungry and burn fewer calories. You also experience irritability and inability to focus. So dieting makes you grumpy and does not actually work.

Therapie Clinic has just introduced SureSlim, an internationally acclaimed, scientifically formulated, weight loss programme. The programme has had incredible success worldwide, helping more than one million people lose weight and improve their health. The programme is scientifically formulated, based on nutrition, metabolic processes and hormone regulation.

In short, the programme works by correcting metabolism so you lose weight quickly, safely and most importantly of all, permanently. Participants receive a personalised and tailored dietary plan and learn how to feed the body properly so that it starts to burn fat instead of storing it.

A blood test (at a local GP ) checks for potential disorders that may influence weight and helps in tailoring the personalised plan. Together with the information gathered at the initial consultation, a personalised eating plan is created. Other factors including medical history, medication, food likes and dislikes are all taken into account. The diet plan is nutritionally balanced, consisting of proteins, high-quality fats, and a controlled reduction in carbohydrates, specifically for the purposes of weight loss.

The plan does not count calories, weigh food or prescribe shakes or anything else but instead looks at the nutritional value of food. You will attend regular, one-to-one meetings and receive all the necessary support and guidance to ensure you are successful in reaching your goal weight, for life. On average you will lose 10-15lb per month.

What makes Sureslim at Therapie unique is that weight loss is maintained for life. You will be encouraged to attend regular one-to-one meetings, free of charge, even when you reach your goal weight, to ensure you remain on track, motivated and informed and inspired, for life! To find out more drop into Therapie Clinic on Shop Street or phone 091 539 9000 or visit


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