All you need to know about surviving Christmas… from

For all you need to know about surviving Christmas check out the Christmas Survival Guide, packed full of essential tips for lasting the pace this festive season.

Christmas cheer? Too much Christmas cheer can turn any of us into a grumpy and argumentative Scrooge. You are more likely to enjoy it when you do not overdo it. Eat well, drink plenty of water, and give yourself some alcohol-free nights and plenty of rest.

Set your pace. Pace yourself with water or a soft drink after every alcoholic drink and you will sparkle all night long. To feel festive the next day, eat well before a big night out, or at least have snacks or a meal with your drink.

Measure up. Hosting a party? Invest in a spirit measure so that you can stick to pub measures. Home measures can be double the size of those served in a pub! If you are making punch or mulled wine, you are not doing your guests or yourself any favours by throwing in too much alcohol.

Heading out? The Designated Driver campaign from Coca-Cola offers free soft drinks for designated drivers in participating pubs, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs around Ireland in December. Check out, have a taxi number saved in your phone, or book your cab home before you head out. Check transport schedules because most offer an extended service.

Do not go it alone. Missed your last bus, no taxi fare and about to walk home alone? Don’t. Call someone who has not been drinking and then wait in a well-lit area until they arrive. Don’t let a friend wander off into the night alone.

Pay the fare not the price! Want to avoid that long walk home in sky-high heels? Book your taxi earlier in the day. If you are travelling with a friend, agree a time to go home and book your cab for the home journey too.

Breath-testing. The boys in blue are out in force at this time of the year, morning and evening. Random tests are commonplace; failing one is not really a good way to kick off Christmas.

The day after. The only real hangover cure is time. Even if you feel better after a ‘cure’ you still may not be fit to drive. Your body gets rid of roughly one standard drink – that is half a pint or a glass of wine or a pub measure of spirits – per hour.


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