Launch of ‘Empowering Traveller Women Entrepreneurs’ project

The ‘Empowering Traveller Women Entrepreneurs’ (ETWE ) project is to be officially launched next Monday, December 5, at the Ballybane Enterprise Centre where the Galway Traveller Movement will host an event for women to share their experiences about how they are overcoming barriers in business.

The ETWE programme is funded under the Equality for Women Measure and is supported by the European Social Fund (ESF ) under the Human Capital Investment Operational Programme and the Department of Justice and Equality. Having received funding until the end of April next year the ETWE project’s goal is to support Traveller women who are interested in business.

As well as enabling women to share their experiences in business next Monday’s event will also be the launch of the ETWE project and will be attended by one of the EU’s ambassadors of female entrepreneurship, businesswoman Liz Cassidy, of Irish Time Design in Galway.

ETWE works to support women in generating ideas for business, developing business plans, and training.

According to Bridget Kelly, a Traveller woman with business experience who is also an enterprise worker with GTM: “We are interested in working with Traveller women who are interested in becoming self-employed or getting involved in business. Some Traveller women may already be involved in their own business or a family business, but no experience is necessary and we want to hear from all interested women.”

Anyone interested in more information on the event and the project should contact Tanya Lalor in Galway Traveller Movement, on 091 765 390.


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