Joyce Supermarkets launches new interactive website for customers today

The Joyce supermarket ads in the Galway Advertiser every week have achieved a cult status among canny shoppers — and from tomorrow those ads and much more will be carried on the new website for the Joyces Supermarket Group — The website was designed for the top supermarket chain by Galway-based The Results Group, which has come up with a stylish and navigable site created to help Joyce Supermarket customers interact with the stores.

“The site will allow us to connect with the customer by informing them of events we have in the shop and also to advise them as to how we can provide everything they need for special occasions.

“For example, if a shopper is holding an event, we will give advice on aspects like recipes and suggest how we can provide an entire food package, from starters, main courses, desserts, drinks. In that way, the website will allow us to get closer to our customers to find out what they want and to inform them about how we can meet all those needs,” says Lisa Comer of Joyce Supermarkets.

“”We have been working with The Results Group on this site for some time and we are very happy with how it has turned out. It is not a website on which we will be directly selling to the customer, but one which we hope will allow us to inform them of what is happening at Joyce Supermarkets, such as food fairs and other events,” said Alan Gillespie, of Joyce Supermarkets

The site goes live this morning and outlines specials available in the shops, give details of their catering service, their wines, fresh food, health food and even contains information about their suppliers, so that there is a strong commitment to complete traceability of all foods.

Patrick C Joyce started the family business in Headford in 1951 with a small grocery store and followed this with a travelling shop. This then developed into a general supermarket and building materials provider on the site of the current Headford supermarket.

After Pat Joyce took over the family business the building materials side of the business moved to the Galway Road, a few kilometres outside Headford and the supermarket was expanded.

A further three stores have been opened in the last number of years. A supermarket in Knocknacarra, Galway in 1999, a supermarket in Athenry in 2005 and more recently the opening of a fourth store in Tuam in December 2010.


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