The gift of health from Aisling Connolly Plexus Bio Energy

The Plexus healthcare system is an extremely effective holistic approach that empowers people to take back responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Plexus bio energy has achieved exceptional results in the treatment of a wide range of conditions, including back pain, digestive disorders, stress, grief, fertility problems, and relief from pregnancy symptoms. The technique is also very effective in treating unsettled babies and children.

Aisling Connolly has been a fully qualified Plexus therapist since 2004 and has vast experience working with Michael O’Doherty, the co-founder of the Plexus system, at his clinic in Ennis. Ms Connolly is one of O’Doherty’s senior recommended therapists, now running a full-time clinic from the quaint settings of The Stone House in Clarinbridge.

Within the clinic, the primary aim of the therapist is to locate the energy imbalances, using a series of unique hand movements, and then proceed to rebalance the system. Only when the energy has been rebalanced can the body begin the process of returning to full health. The treatment takes place over four consecutive days, 45 minutes per day.

Pregnancy and holistic massage is also available at the clinic. Give the gift of healing this Christmas; gift vouchers are available for Plexus bio energy and all massage treatments.

For more information or testimonials visit or phone (087 ) 2106717 or (091 ) 756878.


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