Milk thistle is this year's perfect party season accessory

Whether trying to detox in the run up to the party season, or planning for a new you in the New Year, A Vogel's milk thistle complex will keep you feeling and looking great, even with an excess of Christmas 'spirits' this December.

Taking milk thistle complex on a daily basis is a fantastic way to kickstart your body's natural detox, ensuring you will outshine any Christmas light in December. Once the festivities commence, you can also use milk thistle complex as a great natural way to combat hangovers.

“Alfred Vogel put these herbs together because he knew that they acted as a brilliant team to improve liver function,” explained natural health specialist Nicola Murphy. “Milk thistle on its own may protect you against the worst ravages of alcohol or fatty foods, but it won't improve the way you break down fats, help you to lose a few pounds, clean up your skin. Milk thistle complex can do all of these, due to the other herbs found in it, liver supporting dandelion root and leaf and artichoke.”

The Mediterranean diet, well known for its positive associations with health, contains regular quantities of bitter foods such as dandelion leaf and artichoke, as well as radishes, chicory, and lamb's lettuce. Keeping to this healthy type of diet is quite a challenge in the swift rush and thrust of festive events, making milk thistle complex a more practical alternative. Just 20 drops in a little water twice daily will do your liver plenty of good.

Milk thistle complex combines milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion, peppermint, and boldo, and works by combining each of the respective strengths of the herbs; milk thistle blocks the entrance of toxins into the liver, and encourages the healthy regeneration of liver cells. Milk thistle seeds contain silymarin which can help repair damage done to the digestive system by alcohol. Artichoke reduces cholesterol and fat levels in blood, and dandelion nourishes the liver, improves bile production and movement, and therefore improves fat metabolism, detoxification, and gallbladder health. Boldo provides stimulating bitterness, and peppermint reduces colicky pains and wind.

A Vogel milk thistle complex is available in tinctures (€10.50 for 50ml and €18.50 for 100ml ) and tablet form (€12.55 for 60 tablets ) at independent health food stores and selected pharmacies across Ireland. For more information see


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