New exhibitions to open

A still life by Bernie Keogh.

A still life by Bernie Keogh.

FOUR NEW exhibitions open in Galway over the coming days, ranging from traditional landscapes and still lifes to conceptual arts installation pieces.

Depression is A Result of Leisure, an exhibition of new work by Steve Maher, opens at the Eight Bar and Restaurant, Galway Docks, this evening at 5pm. It runs until December 11.

This exhibition explores the subversive power of humour and its ability to get to the heart of a matter more than ‘serious’ or direct communication often can.

Perambulatory Rhetorics, an exhibition of new works by Galway artists Victoria Smith and Lisa Sweeney, opens at The Niland Gallery, Merchants Road, tomorrow at 6pm and runs until December 10.

The exhibition features two intertwined spatial installations which focus on structure, space, the snapshot, and how the artists walk, observe, and meander through the city.

Leafy Landscapes, an exhibition of oils and pastel paintings by Kieran Tobin, opens at The Kenny Gallery, Liosbán Industrial Estate, Tuam Road, this Saturday at 2pm. The guest speaker: will be Dr Patrick Fottrell, former president of NUI Galway.

Kieran’s main interest is in uncluttered, unspoiled, countryside. For this exhibition he dedicated 12 months to the theme of the Irish woodland. His work explores various types of woodland, from deep forest to the stark, bare branches of winter.

Distill Life, a chemistry themed exhibition, will runthroughout Science week in the Arts Millennium Building, NUI, Galway.

The exhibition opens this Saturday at 7pm and runs until Friday December 2. It is a collaborative project that brings together artists and chemists from Galway and Limerick who are looking at new ways to interpret one another’s work.

The Arts Millennium Building is open daily from 10am to 6pm. To find out more about the exhibition see

Life and Light, a new exhibition from Bernie Keogh, will run at the Galway Bay Hotel in Salthill. It will be officially opened on Wednesday November 30 by Phyllis MacNamara, and run until Tuesday December 6.

Life and Light features still lifes and life drawings in an academic style. Bernie’s use of light and shadow in each composition is dramatic; the contrasting tonal values brings warmth and depth to each canvas. The exhibition also features chalk drawings of sculptures Bernie encountered while travelling and a series entitled Children Sleeping. See


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