Get an all time natural radiant glow with Karora

Karora is an exciting new Irish skin–care which will help you to achieve a natural golden radiance all year around. It aims to protect your skin against cold and harsh weather. Most women love the feeling of having a tanned and even skin even through–out the winter time. Karora also has an anti–ageing SPF 15 and the formula will boost your skin’s tone, radiance and protection. Therefore it is not just a self tanning product, it is natural and good for your skin compared to other chemical laden cosmetics.

Karora contains many essential ingredients such as argan oil, vitamin E and essential fatty acids which alleviate dry skin and rough patches. Argan oil will be quickly absorbed by the skin and provides a high level of balanced moisture to help keep your skin protected and feel energised through the frosty weather. Karora is a stylish and glamourous product that has proved to be very popular both across Ireland and the UK, as it is a natural product free from paraben, dye and fragrance. It is also loaded with skin nourishing botanicals, antioxidants.This tan will also match your own natural skin tone. It focuses on giving you an effective and advanced product for all your skin’s needs this winter.

It is important to women that the look is natural which Karora keeps in mind. Therefore it is important to note that the self tan moisturiser will give you a natural golden radiance, developing over one to two applications per week to build up a natural colour and protection. Karora is aimed at 18 to 50 year old women who like to live a greener lifestyle without loosing their glamourous sense of style. It is priced at €19.99 and is also very easy to use. Karora can be found readily across Kilkenny in outlets such as Unicare Pharmacies, Sam McCauleys, Gowran Pharmacy, Newpark Shopping Centre, White’s pharmacy, 5 High Street Kilkenny. There is also the great option of shopping online at, which may suit busy women who want Karora to come to them. So why not treat ourselves to an attractive product so you can achieve an all year round striking look that you all deserve.


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