BPW Galway and The Galway Clinic raise awareness of osteoporosis at health event

BPW Galway will be hosting a special health event to raise awareness of osteoporosis at The Ardilaun hotel on Tuesday, November 8, at 6pm.

According to the Irish Osteoporosis Society, education and knowledge of the risk factors which cause osteoporosis are essential for everybody, in order to prevent them from developing this silent disease.

Osteoporosis is a bone disease which affects one in five men and one in two women over 50 in Ireland; however it can affect all age groups, including children. It is preventable and treatable in the majority of people. Unlike other diseases there are no signs or symptoms prior to a fracture and that is why it is known as the silent disease. The Irish Osteoporosis Society (IOS ) is working to spread this message and increase awareness about osteoporosis among the public.

BPW Galway, and its president Michelle Murphy, has invited special guest Professor Moira O’Brien, founder of the Irish Osteoporosis Society, to next week's event which has been sponsored by the Galway Clinic.

Speaking ahead of the event Ms Murphy said: “We are delighted that Professor O’Brien has kindly accepted our invitation to come to Galway and provide an overview on osteoporosis which affects both men and women – we need to equip ourselves with information in order to understand the causes of such a disease. We also thank the Galway Clinic for assisting with the organising of this event.”

Professor O’Brien, who represents Ireland in the EU on osteoporosis, said: “We want to raise awareness of osteoporosis, as the secondary effects of broken bones are one of the major causes of loss of independence. Many people think that osteoporosis only affects older women, and the only cause is the menopause, however this is not the case. One in five men and one in two women over 50 will break bones due to osteoporosis and it can affect all age groups including children. Annually €402 million is spent just on falls and fractures in senior citizens and this is why we are hoping to educate the public on how they can prevent themselves from developing this disease.”

One of the misconceptions is that if a person eats a healthy diet and exercises they will not develop osteoporosis. However there are more than 60 causes for the disease - genetics, stress, irregular periods, the menopause, constant dieting, anorexia and/or bulimia, over-exercising, steroid inhalers, corticosteroids, heparin, radiation, chemotherapy, Arimidex for breast cancer and some medications for thyroid.

This event is open to both members and non-members of BPW Galway. There is a nominal fee of €5 charged for non-members on arrival. Refreshments will be served at 6pm and the talk will commence at 6.30pm. For further information contact Michelle Murphy, president BPW Galway on 086 2204082 or [email protected].


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