The educogym six week winter challenge is for you

It is hard. Frustrating! Makes you want to tear your hair out. As a nation we are getting fatter and fatter and it is not for a lack of effort. More of us are going on diets and doing exercise programmes than ever. Even if we lose weight in the short term, something like Christmas comes around and the weight piles back on and with a bit extra.

Tara McFadden, educogym Oranmore tackles this dilemma with the launch of the 6 WEEK WINTER CHALLENGE. This follows the success of the summer challenge. You can lose at least 7.5 lbs of fat, drop a full clothes size, lose a minimum of two inches from your waist (perfect for that Christmas party dress ) and increase your fat burning rate by 10%. All in just six weeks! The results are guaranteed.

The lucky winner of the Challenge will receive amazing prizes from Capeli hair design in Oranmore who will transform your hairstyle. Be a Diva in Galway city will do a complete make over, and Myriam O’Reilly and her team will be awarding the lucky winner a private style consultation at Myriam O Reilly Clothing. She will advise you on how to dress for your new shape.

She will give you tools to create your ideal party look, casual and profesional look to suit your lifestyle. Also, to launch their new collection of So Couture dresses the lucky winner will receive a So Couture dress of their choice.

Members of educogym will also be offered for limited time period until December 2011 10 per cent off all clothing in the store. Myriam O Reilly and her team are delighted to be part of putting the finishing touch for the lucky winner to show them what clothes will enhance their new fabulous shape.

The approach at educogym is very different to other gyms. Tara McFadden explains: 'We have a strong emphasis on nutrition - without the right fuels you can't perform at the highest level. Educogym can advise on the right foods to eat which will give you, balanced levels of energy throughout the day, which in turn impacts on your focus, concentration, stamina and drive as you go through your normal day to day.

If people start now, they can get into great shape before christmas. Mental focus is a key element for the educogym success. Tara comments "We get people to focus purely on their training." The system actually fires up your metabolism, while burning fat. All elements of the educogym programmes lead to increasing muscle, which means more energy, well-being and faster metabolism. Each pound of muscle burns 50-100 calories a day, so even putting on a few pounds of youthful lean tissue will have you burning fat 24 hours a day, even at rest.

"The word educo means to draw out from within," concludes Tara, "and we try to draw out a person’s ideal shape and figure. Everyone has the perfect shape, they just need to know how to access it. We give them everything they need to know in order to do that."

For more information on how to kick-start your six week fitness proramme, please contact educogym Oranmore on 091788880 or email [email protected]. Limited places.


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