Plans in place for potential flooding this weekend

The Galway City Council has warned there is potential for flooding in parts of the city over coming days. High spring tides are expected until Sunday, the highest of which is set to occur at 6:26am tomorrow.

The area most likely to be affected is at Fishmarket, Spanish Arch. Should heavy rain coincide with high tide there is potential for some flooding to occur. The public is advised to have regard for their safety in the area, particularly at high tide, as the Fishmarket Quay wall is likely to be submerged.

Galway City Council is in contact with local businesses and residents and will deliver a pallet of pre-filled sandbags to the Spanish Arch area for collection today. Local people availing of the sandbags are also being requested to preserve them for future potential use.

As a precaution, Galway City Council personnel will clean gullies in the Flood Street/ Spanish Arch area over the next few days and the safety barriers already in place at Fishmarket Quay wall will be checked.

The critical high tide times are 0543hrs and 1803hrs today, tomorrow at 0626hrs and 1848hrs, Saturday at 0711hrs and 1936hrs, and 0656hrs on Sunday.

Further preparatory measures may be put in place as weather conditions develop over the coming days.


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