Eco Drinks makes its mark across the continent

Eco Drinks was established as a family business in 2010 and is based in Clarenbridge.

It specialises in soft drinks, including juices, and sports and energy drinks. Its philosophy of quality for friendly prices means the quality of their products is guaranteed by continuous control of their own and outside accredited laboratories.

Their products are well established and easily recognised in other European countries such as Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Switzerland with well known brands of juices such as Hohesc,Hey-Ho, SIO. These products provide a healthy range of beverages suitable for the whole family.

Their Vitalade Sportsdrink is specially geared towards sportsmen, sportswomen and people interested in creating a healthy lifestyle and contains fat burning impact l-carnitine with added vitamins and minerals especially tuned to performance levels. If you are looking for a an organic energy drink then the new generation Bio Energy drink is a novelty on the market and is equal in strength and flavour to the traditional non organic energy drink.

It contains Bio Guarana extract, a natural herb that acts as a nautural energiser, lasting longer than the artificial caffeine which is usually found in traditonal energy drinks.

For more information go to where there are details on how to place your orders, retail orders are also welcome.


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