Blue Teapot to premiere new screenplay

BLUE TEAPOT Theatre Company will showcase the world premiere of 84, a new screenplay by Len Collin, at Druid Lane Theatre tomorrow at 8pm.

84 is set in a dystopian, Orwellian Ireland where those who do not fit in to the regime’s ideals are ‘disappeared’. However, as long as there are people willing to challenge authority there is hope for the future. 84 will be premiered as a performance reading.

The screenplay was written by Len Collin has also written for The Clinic, The Bill, Soldier Soldier, Casualty, and Eastenders. He is set to direct his first feature To Dream With Open Eyes in 2012. He was asked to write the script as part of a strategic partnership between Blue Teapot, Arts & Disability Networking, and supported by Fishamble: The New Play Company.

Using actors with intellectual disabilities, Blue Teapot produces high quality, professional performing arts. The Blue Teapot actors chose the medium of a screenplay.

The event is part Galway Culture Night Galway. Seating is limited so early booking through 091 - 520 977 is advised.



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