Therapie Clinic has all you need for Race Week

The Galway Races are upon us once again and many have been planning the wardrobe and corresponding accessories since last year. Anyone who has just had a practice run only to discover that amazing little dress is a little too tight will be relieved to hear this is a common occurrence and Therapie Clinic has the answer in the shape of Cho-Yung Tea.

Cho-Yung Tea uses an ancient Chinese recipe to help boost metabolism, remove harmful toxins, increase energy levels, and most importantly burn fat and help lose weight quickly. It is 100 per cent natural and just two cups a day is enough to burn unwanted fat away and get you race ready.

An award winning smile will top off any look and give the added confidence to hopefully clinch that best dressed prize on Ladies Day. One particularly popular product in Therapie Clinic is Polor White Pro Pen which helps to achieve whiter than white teeth just in time for the races.

The Polar White Pro pen has been clinically proven to gently but dramatically whiten teeth by up to six shades, after just six applications. It is an entirely safe and painless treatment and suitable for even the most sensitive teeth. TV3’s Xpose featured the product and since then Therapie Clinic has hardly been able to keep the product in stock.

Therapie Clinic manager Deirdre O’Dowd commented: “The response to this product has been nothing short of incredible. We’ve found a whitening product that really, really works, at high speed and at an affordable price of only only €24.95. All you have to do is brush on and leave for 60 seconds and voila – dramatically whiter-looking teeth with every application.”

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