Salthill residents to explore value of community centre

After a recent article in the Irish Times praised the Dublin seaside village of Malahide, a meeting of Salthill residents will take place next Thursday to explore whether they can speak with such pride of their area.

The article was printed on May 19 and described Malahide as a ‘seaside suburb that’s still a village at heart’ and outlined the benefits associated with the area, including personal statements from residents and workers of all ages. They were particularly enamoured by the sense of community spirit, and how closely co-operative the community is.

A meeting is scheduled for next Thursday, June 23, in the Inishmore Suite of the Galway Bay Hotel at 8.30pm. A number of items will be examined, particularly if Salthill residents can speak with the same level of justifiable pride about the co-operation and community spirit in their area. A brainstorm session will also be held on the subject, with the benefits of a possible community centre where people can meet, greet and socialise being discussed among other issues.

People who are living or working in Salthill are invited to go along and express their opinions and views. Interest can be registered by emailing [email protected], calling or texting 087 2929793, or visiting



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