Hospice benefits from student’s late night flash

A student who was caught with his jeans hanging down by his ankles and exposing himself while celebrating his return to college was ordered to pay €200 to Galway Hospice to avoid a conviction.

Conor McLoughlin (20 ) with an address at 3 Ballinderry, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, appeared at Galway District Court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to the offence of public indecency in that he acted in such a way as to offend modesty at or near and in sight of any place along which the public habitually pass as of right or by permission, contrary to Section 18 Criminal Law Amendment Act 1935, at Headford Road on October 20, 2010.

Inspector Brendan Carroll told the court that at 2.58am the defendant was observed walking along the pathway with his jeans opened and hanging down by his ankles. The inspector added that McLoughlin, who has no previous convictions, was exposing his penis and “hopping along” the pathway.

Defence solicitor Olivia Traynor further explained that given the nature of the offence her client had not been suitable for an adult caution. The court then heard that McLoughlin had not exposed himself to offend the garda, but that he had been completely unaware that the garda was there.

Ms Traynor explained that McLoughlin - who is currently in his third year studying in Galway - had been celebrating the start of the college year, in the company of his brother, and had been “acting the maggot”. She added that McLoughlin had apologised for his actions less than two days later. Ms Traynor then expressed concern that a conviction for exposing himself could have a serious effect on the defendant’s future.

Sharing this concern, Judge Mary Fahy ordered McLoughlin to make a contribution of €200 to the Galway Hospice and if paid the matter would be struck out. As the case concluded Judge Fahy warned the defendant: “You keep your clothes on in future when in public



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