Elaine Mai and Daithi O Dronaí @ Róisín Dubh

TWO OF the most talented and promising young solo musicians to emerge from the west of Ireland in the last couple of years, play the Róisín Dubh tomorrow at 9pm.

Singer-songwriter Elaine Mai and indie/post-rock/Irish trad fiddler Daithi Ó Dronaí will be playing a free show at the Dominick Street venue.

Elaine Mai is a member of indie band Go Panda Go and she also performs music to accompany the poetry of Laurie Leech. However she is also a hugely talented singer who accompanies herself on electric guitar, creating effects and backing sounds through her use of a loop pedal. To hear her music go to http://elainemai.bandcamp.com/

Originally from Clare and now based in Galway, Daithi Ó Dronaí takes an imaginative approach to violin playing. He plays entirely solo with no pre-recorded tracks. Instead he creates layers of sound, counter melodies, percussion (such as by tapping his violin as a drumbeat ), and accompaniment through the use of a loop pedal.

Earlier this year he released the impressive debut EP Embrace. It is available to download on daithimusic.bandcamp.com for €5.


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