Theatre for schools with Cups and Crowns

CUPS AND CROWNS Theatre Company is touring its new show The Magnificent Mind Of Daisy Dunne around primary schools in Galway city and county.

The Magnificent Mind Of Daisy Dunne tour takes place throught May and June and is part of The Galway City and County Children’s Theatre and Research Pilot Programme, part of Cups and Crowns’ year-long residency with the Galway city and county councils.

The programme will see Cups and Crowns rolling a series of different creative projects throughout 2011/2012, including new work, presenting previous work to new audiences, and using an internet portal to work with children to facilitate story making.

The Magnificent Mind Of Daisy Dunne tells the story of the eponymous character. When Daisy was five, she drew a map of the world on the kitchen wall. At eight, she took her father’s car apart and put it back together again. By 12, she was studying at university.

With each birthday, Daisy becomes more devoted to finding answers to the world’s most puzzling questions. That is until her childhood friend Mitten, teaches her the one thing she doesn’t know; life’s most important lesson.

At the show, the audience will meet Daisy, aged 28, who will guide through a series of episodes from her childhood which reveal how she conjured up her imaginary friend, Mittens; how Mittens influences Daisy; and how she is banished when she pushes Daisy too far.

This show is performed by Gillian Kelly, Caroline Lynch, Zita Monahan, and Emma O’Grady and is aimed at those aged seven to 11 years.

The play will be followed by a drama workshop with the pupils using ‘process drama technique’, to allow them gain an understanding of the artistic processes and themes in the performance.

A short ‘Chatback’ session will also take place to open up dialogue with the young audience about their experience of the story. Schools will also receive a ‘Teacher Activity Pack’ with suggestions of follow-on artistic activities linked to the performance.

For more details of the tour contact Gillian Kelly on 086 - 8534542 or email [email protected]. See also



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