Do you haiku?

THE JAPANESE haiku is a poetic form which many poets enjoy the challenge of trying to write and now Galway haiku poets have a place to share their work.

Haiku J is a new online haiku magazine run by Galway animator John Jennings, who has a keen interest in Japanese culture. The address is

Haiku J is now seeking submissions. Anyone who has a haiku to share can email it to [email protected] and include the words “I wrote this haiku and I give Haiku J permission to publish it.” You must also include Haiku Submit in the subject box of the email.

Haiku is a very specific form. The entire poem has 17 syllables. The first line will have five syllables, the second will have seven, the third will have five.

“For Haiku J it’s OK if you can’t get it exactly right,” said John, “We will call those haiku ‘experimental’. We just want people to have fun with it. Traditionally a haiku has a seasonal or nature reference, but, your haiku can be about anything as everything is linked to nature.”



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