Notes for the season

Instant transformations

While certain things in life take time and patience to achieve, like improving the texture of your skin, reaching your ideal body weight, or growing out a bad fringe, others can be achieved through quick (but planned ) fixes.

If you suffer from blue or purple bags under your eyes, look no further than MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 concealer. It disguises imperfections, protects skin from the sun, and provides antioxidants and silica to absorb extra oil. Concealer really should be every girl’s best friend.

Are your eyes looking less vivid and tired after a long day, but you have after work commitments? Why not try Clinique’s new mascara designed just for the lower lashes. It was developed with the lower lashes in mind, the brush is teeny-tiny, and it won’t smudge or smear. It creates a perfect ‘frame’ for the eyes.

Do you find yourself running out the door in just jeans and a shirt or top? Why not amp it up by adding a blazer? It will instantly pull your look together. Michael Kors, D&G, and See By Chloe have stunning ones at the moment, guaranteed to do you a favour.

For instant glamour add a pair of high heels to anything. Only a very recent convert to wearing the occasional pair of flats (a part of me still thinks they are for ‘quitters’ ), I still believe with all my heart in the power of the high heel. Brown Thomas has a super collection of heels at the moment, in every height, so come in and find your comfort zone. Every girl needs a ‘go-to’ pair. With colour blocking so on trend at the moment, grab a brightly coloured pair and make a statement.

To look healthy and fresh quickly, add blush. If you only have 12 seconds to improve yourself, grab MAC’s in ‘well dressed’, it is great for a natural ‘just wandered in from the garden’ hint of colour. Layer it if you must to build impact.

It’s all down to planning, and stocking your make-up bag and wardrobe with the items you know will make a difference. We recently saw the transformation of our fashion floor in Brown Thomas, a splash of paint, a few gorgeous rugs and lamps, and voila! Of course the fact that we had the one and only John Redmond, the creative director of Brown Thomas, oversee the project, with our own gifted visual team, made all the difference. Come in and have a look around the next time you are in town, and chat with one of our stylists if you feel you need a few well chosen items to add impact to your own wardrobes.



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