Walkers discover dumped dead dogs inhumanly killed

Four dead dogs found abandoned along a rural laneway in the Kilbannon area of Tuam recently had all been shot at close range in an inhuman attempt to put them down.

The gruesome discovery was made by locals out walking who found the dogs dumped in a ditch. Gardai who received an official report on April 8 last have now confirmed that they are continuing their investigations into the matter along with the Galway County Council.

County veterinary officer Rita Gately told the Advertiser that two male and two female lurcher type dogs were discovered by locals who immediately reported it to the community warden. Ms Gately was then contacted and asked to scan the animals for microchips but none was found. She added that the dogs had been left at the scene “for some time” and “they appear to have been shot”.

It is believed the dogs had been shot at close range, possibly with the use of a rifle, and this happened at a different location. Ms Gately stressed there was nothing to indicate the dogs were shot by local farmers for worrying sheep.

“There is a suspicion the dogs were put down, but very inhumanly. It is a very horrible thing to do, to dump them on the side of the road like that, where they can pollute waterways. They were dumped very close to a farm and could attract loose dogs and foxes, and this would be a problem because there are a lot of lambs at this time of year,” said Ms Gately.

One local who was one of the first to discover the remains said: “Words cannot explain how sickening the sight was. It’s disturbing that anyone could treat animals in such a disposable manner.”

Meanwhile, residents of the Rathready area of Loughrea were concerned this week after the discovery of dead horses in a local river which is a tributory of the Dunkellin River. Officials from the environmental section of the Galway County Council were called in to investigate if the water supply had been polluted as a result of the horses being dumped. Council veterinary officer James Clancy confirmed the remains of the horses were removed from a drain/stream yesterday morning and that there were no indications to suggest that the incident is suspicious.



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