City gears up for Tidy Towns challenge

Galway will be competing with Waterford and Limerick for the top spot at this year’s Tidy Towns competition.

This is the first year the city has entered the competition and as part of the preparations, the Galway City Council held a meeting with local businesses to get them on board and to outline the local authority’s ideas and objectives.

Over the next two weeks City Hall will conduct a review of the city to look at issues such as litter, litter bins, derelict buildings, rusting poles and signs, state of shop fronts, and also to see what areas need the most work.

Sharon Carroll of the Galway City Council said the turnout at yesterday’s meeting was “very encouraging”.

“The idea of this is to improve Galway city and make it a desirable place,” she said. “We want for visitors to come here and be impressed enough to come back and it is useful to have the city businesses on board.

“We will be examine the city and come up with an action plan of what work needs to be done. This is not just about entering the competition and trying to win it, this is a long term strategy on how we can improve the city as well.”



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