Libyan violence is driving up oil prices for Irish farmers says Connaughton

Fine Gael Galway East TD Paul Connaughton.

Fine Gael Galway East TD Paul Connaughton.

The violence and unrest in Libya is having costly repercussions for Irish farmers as it is causing an escalation in the price of farm diesel and plastics.

This is view of Fine Gael Galway East TD Paul Connaughton who said diesel for tractors now retails at some pumps at and beyond 90c a litre.

“Just 12 months ago it was 70c a litre and while it may be possible to buy a little cheaper direct to the farm the net cost to farmers and contractors is staggering,” he said.

Deputy Connaughton said the cost of a barrel of crude oil now stands at $115 with petrol at the pumps now selling at €1.50 a litre while two years ago a barrel of oil was $150 and petrol was €1.35 a litre.

The FG TD is also concerned that the price of plastic for wrapping silage bales and covers for the silage pits will “increase substantially” and may go up to as much as €2 per bale over last year’s prices.

“There will be a substantial increase,” he said, “in contacting charges for ploughing, harrowing, seeding, etc, and farmers will be fleeced with fertiliser costs also increasing, up to as much as €100 per tonne since last year.”



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