Icelandic MP to address public meeting on EU/IMF bailout

Iceland and Ireland both suffered catastrophic financial meltdowns in 2008, but unlike Ireland, Iceland’s people forced the government to resign and the country was quick to hold investigations into bank practices.

Many feel that what the people of Iceland did should have been done here and that Ireland could have much to learn from the island about how to get out of the current economic mess.

Some answers may be provided at an public meeting to take place this weekend which will be addressed by Icelandic MP Lilja Mósesdóttir.

The meeting will focus on the IMF/EU deal and will be held upstairs in Richardson’s, Eyre Square, at 3pm. Ms Mósesdóttir will address the meeting, along with NUI, Galway lecturer Terrence McDonagh.

Ms Mósesdóttir was elected as a member of the Left-Green Movement to Iceland’s parliament in 2009, after the fall of the country’s economy. As a member of the Icelandic Parliament she served on the Committee on Economic Affairs and Development; the Political Affairs Committee; and as vice president of the Assembly.

However she resigned from Iceland’s coalition Government on March 14 2011 in protest at the government breaking its promises to oppose the IMF deal for Iceland.

Ms Mósesdóttir is also professor of labour market studies at the Bifrost School of Business, Iceland and the co-ordinator of the EU 5th Framework Programme project From Welfare to Knowfare.

Ms Mósesdóttir and Mr McDonagh will speak on the economic situation in Iceland, Ireland, and across Europe. They will give their expert analysis and opinions on the EU/IMF deal, and the consequences if such deals are allowed to be implemented unchallenged.

Admission is free and all are welcome


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