Juno And The Paycock at the Town Hall

‘CAPTAIN’ JACK Boyle is a lout. He can’t be bothered working and prefers to spend his time drinking in Foley’s sung, being the ‘big man’. He’s a hero to the barflies - but what about hiss family?

His wife Juno is a long suffering woman who has to endure Jack’s fecklessness and nights on the tear. His daughter Mary has delusions of grandeur and thinks her dreams have come true when she meets a seemingly suave and gentlemanly solicitor, who also tells the family that they are in for a large inheritance.

Then there is the son Johnny, who is something of a wimp and is wanted by the IRA, and Johnny knows it won’t be long until the Volunteers are knocking on the door.

In short the world is in “a terrible state of chassis” as Jack’s friend Joxer Daly might say, but then, does Jack care as long as he has the almighty pint in hand?

This is Sean O’Casey’s great tragic-comic play Juno And The Paycock, which is set in a cramped, two room, Dublin tenement in 1922 and was originally staged in the Abbey Theatre in 1924.

Now the play is coming the Town Hall Theatre from Tuesday November 11 to Saturday 15 at 8pm with a matinee on Thursday November 13 at 1.15pm.

This production will be staged by The Association of Regional Theatres (Northern Ireland ) and the Cork Opera House.

The impressive cast for Juno And The Paycock is Garrett Keogh (Jack Boyle ), Brid Ní Neachtain (Juno ), Joe Hanley (Joxer Daly ). Also starring in the play are Diarmuid Noyes, Judith Roddy, Gerard Jordan, Stella McCusker, Noelle Brown, Gerard Howard, Ruairi O’Gorman, and Andy Kelleher. The set design is by Owen MaCarthaigh

For tickets contact the Town Hall on 091 - 569777.



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