Open day at GTI

Galway Technical Institute, Father Griffin Road, is one of the largest providers of quality assured further education courses in the west of Ireland. The institute will host its annual open day on Tuesday March 8 from 9am to 4pm.

“Now more than ever, skills are the key,” said Jim Brick, principal of GTI. “Effective learning should be challenging, fulfilling, and enjoyable while enabling students to build their personal abilities for a productive working life and a meaningful role in society.”

GTI provides an atmosphere that encourages learning and promotes the personal development of each student through the medium of applied learning. GTI provides students with learning experiences that involve solving problems that are based on real-life situations. Through this innovative approach students can appreciate the usefulness of adapting and applying what they learn in the classroom to the real situations and problems encountered in everyday life. By bringing the real world into the classroom and the classroom into the real world, applied learning has become the most effective and exciting way to learn the key knowledge and skills needed for employment, further education, and active participation in the communities where we all work and live.

Galway Technical Institute is dedicated to develop in its students the knowledge and skills they will need to prepare for a future in these challenging times.

A life of many jobs

In a world of rapid change life-long learning is no longer a luxury option. “We live at a time when planning for the future poses greater challenges then ever,” said GTI guidance counsellor Alison Ward. “Young people today must be ready to face many career shifts over their working lives as technology’s onward march continues to change the workplace. It is important to look to the future with optimism while taking practical steps to ensure that the decisions we make now will be the right ones in the years to come.”

GTI offers a range of FETAC Level 5 and 6 programmes in art and design, media, healthcare and beauty, computing and engineering, and sport and recreation.

For further details or to apply for any course visit or phone (091 ) 581342.


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