Yeats College Irish oral preparation course

As the exam season approaches, oral examinations will be taking place over the coming weeks in the language subjects. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the spoken element of the language examinations, with between 20 and 25 per cent of the marks allowed for the oral element. A strong performance in the oral examinations can set students up for an excellent overall result in Irish, French, German, and Spanish. It is important, therefore, that students spend time preparing for their oral language examination. While students cannot predict what direction their conversation may take, there are a number of common themes and techniques which can be utilised to help improve performance.

The Yeats College Irish oral preparation course gives students the opportunity to improve their conversational skills in order to ensure a more relaxed and confident performance. The course is delivered by a team of fluent speakers who have a vast knowledge of the curriculum, and who have successfully prepared many students for the oral examinations throughout the years. The carefully selected group of teachers and professionals will focus on a variety of aspects including vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, phraseology, basic and advanced topics.

In advance of the course, students will receive a detailed course outline; a questionnaire to complete and return highlighting their hobbies, interests, and personal details; samples of themes to become familiar with in advance of the course; and an overview of the relevant techniques which need to be adopted to maximise their potential.

The intensive phase of the preparation process will involve a one day course where students will be directed to fine-tune their conversational and examination skills. They will also undergo a number of practical assessments in the form of mock oral examinations, the results of which will be relayed to the student after the examination. The course will culminate in a practical test to allow students to study their performance and make improvements.

The 2011 Yeats College Irish oral preparation course will take place on March 26. Further information is available online at or through contacting the school directly. Demand for these places is high so complete your application forms well in advance of the closing date. Yeats College will also offer an Irish language course this summer, with further details also available on the college website.

For more information on the oral preparation course or other revision options available, contact Yeats College at (091 ) 533500 or visit


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